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Fake IDs in Circulation


Fake ID is All It Takes

Scanners vs. People

You cannot rely on a scanner to check IDs. Fake IDs fool machines and scanning apps. No scanner can replace visual perception or manual dexterity, and your eyes and hands are precisely what you need to properly check IDs. Some scanners claim to "authenticate" IDs, but often they aren't doing much other than "reading" a barcode or a magnetic stripe, both of which are easily altered and easily fool scanners. Also, many scanners capture data from IDs, creating privacy and security concerns.

So what's the right answer? People. Only humans can properly check ID. People need to know how to check ID and how to comply with laws that require them to do so. That's where we come in. The Real Identities app gives you clear, 24/7 access to information that explains how to spot fake IDs and how to easily comply with laws requiring you to check ID so you can prevent serious legal and financial consequences. Get the app.

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