ID.TRAINING -- Once you know what’s real, everything else is fake.™


No. The app is effective for anyone checking ID, from beginners to seasoned professionals. Anyone can use the app. If you've never checked ID or if you have decades of experience, the app will help you spot fake IDs. Also, the app provides several training videos you can view anytime you have someone new come on board or anytime existing workers want or need refreshers.
Yes and yes. The app has analytics that can prove that your team and you have training and that you check IDs. The app analytics show who was logged in, watched videos, and checked an ID from a certain state at a certain date and time.
No. There is no such thing as a “reasonable effort” to spot fakes from hundreds of versions and variations of driver licenses issued in the US. First, there’s no way to memorize them. Second, there is such wide variation there is no way to know what “feels” real or “looks” real. You need 24/7 access to clear, current, and correct images and information.
Fake IDs are used to access mind-altering and life-changing controlled product including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, vapes, firearms, pharmaceuticals, and more. Fake IDs are also used in serious crimes including identity theft, fraud, terrorism, human trafficking, domestic violence, and more. With the app you have the power to prevent harm. Be the hero. GET THE APP.
It’s easy! Click here to GET THE APP. Log in, pay through PayPal, and click to access the images and information needed to spot fake IDs. The app is very intuitive and it has video tutorials with more detail, including a “How to Use this App” video.
There are a variety of crimes that can be facilitated by fake IDs, including underage drinking and use of controlled products, and identity theft. Therefore, checking ID is your first line of defense - by ensuring that IDs are real, valid, and belong to the person presenting it. By checking IDs properly you are protecting your business and yourself from costly fines and consequences such as jail time. You can save your license, revenue, job, reputation, and prevent some of the problems associated with underaged use of controlled products.
The best way to spot a fake is to know what’s real. There are over 250 million fake IDs in circulation in the US and thousands of quality fake IDs flooding the market daily. Just one person with a fake ID can destroy or damage your business, your financial stability, and your brand. The more informed you are, the more protected you are. Fake IDs cause untold legal, financial, and social consequences. As someone working in a regulated industry, you are responsible for checking IDs properly and thoroughly to confirm age and identity. You need to know how to do it accurately and quickly. DMVs create security features for a reason. No one can memorize the hundreds of security features on hundreds of valid versions of current driver licenses and IDs across the US, all of which change frequently, so we created the app to bring this information to your fingertips 24/7! You don’t need to memorize anything, so you can focus on your job and leave the details to us.
There are over 250 million fake IDs in circulation in the US. and hundreds of thousands of quality fake IDs flooding the market daily. Daily. One fake ID. One time. The damage can be swift and deep. Protect yourself. GET THE APP.
Every day. Every day you check ID, you need access to clear, current, and correct real IDs and fake IDs. Taking a training class years ago, months ago, or even weeks ago means you’re relying on outdated material and missing critical updates on IDs and security features. Training to check IDs is not a one-and-done event. It is a continuous process that helps you improve your technique and delivers the most relevant, accurate, and timely information when you need it. The app does this with a live connection to our latest research that you can access when and where you need it.
Sadly, not enough. We commend any efforts to prevent the use of fake IDs, but we’ve learned that many are ineffective, at best. That’s why we built the app - and it’s the only resource that has our depth and level of ID information. Live training and video training is available but the curriculum is too brief and too vague when it comes to the level of detail you need to properly check IDs and spot fakes. The trainings cover fake IDs for only a matter of minutes -- for the hundreds and hundreds of constantly changing IDs issued in the US. Even if the training covered IDs for hours, you’d never be able to memorize hundreds of IDs and all of those security features. The minute you walk out of the classroom the information is outdated because IDs - both real and fake - change so rapidly. Same with ID checking books. They are often ineffective because they are outdated by the time they go to print and typically contain only one or two small, blurry images for each ID. Real Identities created the ID.TRAINING app to provide the training you need. GET THE APP.
Yes, sometimes we do in-person trainings for large teams. We work nationwide. CONTACT US to let us know what you need and we’ll work with you to see if we can make it happen.
The app has videos that explain how to check any ID and how to spot fake IDs. The app explains the difference between a real ID and a fake ID. The app is the most detailed, in-depth ID checking training resource available. The app teaches you how to stay alert to catch borrowed, stolen, forged, falsified, altered, or counterfeited IDs. The app tells you about actual fake ID incidents and convictions related to how fake IDs are bought, sold, forged, and used. Once you know what’s real, everything else is fake.™ GET THE APP.
We help you confirm identity within seconds by using the Real Identities Facial Recognition Method.™ The app has a video that teaches you our method for instant visual facial recognition. Equally as important, the video also explains ways you should not do facial recognition.


The app protects you. It helps you prevent serious legal, financial, and social consequences. It helps you spot fake IDs so you can be an even more effective gatekeeper.
It’s super easy. Tap state. Tap version. Spot fake. It’s literally that fast and that easy. Read on.
The app was developed by legal and tech experts in collaboration with federal, state, and local regulatory authorities, law enforcement, and industry professionals. The app provides 24/7 access from any device with a web browser, giving you access to clear, current, and correct images and information from every state, DC, the US territories - American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and the US freely associated states - Micronesia, Marshall Islands, and Palau. The app clearly explains what you should see and feel on each ID, and it includes reports with analytics that prove you did so.

You bet! Click here to CONTACT US and we’ll give you an online demo. Here’s a quick look at some of our images. But first, a test. In the image below, three of the holograms are fake and one is real.

Which one is real? Most people say the top right hologram is real. Would you bet your license on it?

Here’s the answer to the test. The real hologram is at the top left outlined in green. The fake holograms are next to it, outlined in red.

Did you get it right? Don’t the fake holograms look real? Yes, they do, because they are “real” holograms - but they are not the holograms used on government-issued IDs.

Would you accept those fake IDs? Most people say, “Yes, the holograms on those fake IDs look real, and yes, I would have accepted the ID because I did not know the difference.” Now you know. Once you know what’s real, everything else is fake.™

Our images allow you to see real and fake holograms side-by-side, so you can compare them with the ID in your hand and instantly see the difference, spot a fake, and prevent consequences and liability.

Humans can spot the difference between real and fake IDs. Machines like ID scanners cannot pick up these nuances, and that’s one of the many reasons why today’s sophisticated fake IDs easily pass ID scanners. Read on.

To spot fake IDs, humans need 24/7 access to clear, current, and correct IDs, and 24/7 access to security features on real and fake IDs. The app is updated regularly to do just that.

The app is loaded with information that helps you spot fake IDs. 

Images - Clear, current, and correct images of real IDs and fake IDs, including side-by-side comparisons, for IDs in all US jurisdictions, together with markers and text that explain exactly where to look and what to confirm on each ID to help you instantly spot fake IDs. Some examples of these images are below, under "What do the app images look like?" 

Videos - Short, impactful videos available 24/7 for new workers and existing workers to view as many times as they like, including: 

How to Use This App - Tapping into all of the app’s features 

How to Check an ID - Easy, proper, and thorough ID checking using the REAL method

How to Spot a Fake - Spot a fake in 3 seconds and learn about how fake IDs are bought, forged, and used

Facial Recognition - How to do human-to-human facial recognition to confirm that the person presenting the ID is the person on the ID

How Fake IDs Fool Scanners - An eye-opening video demonstrating how fake IDs fool ID scanners and why scanners alone can be ultimately ineffective

Tips - Immediately applicable, effective tips to help you spot fake IDs, comply with law, and easily navigate a complex regulatory landscape. The tips explain how fake IDs are bought, altered, and used so you know how to protect yourself, your business, and your community. 

Challenge Questions - Challenge Questions to test potentially suspect persons presenting ID. Anyone who’s been in the state long enough to have an ID from that state should know the answer to these questions. 

Alerts and Resources - Alerts about the most common fake IDs in circulation and at-a-glance resources about current Real ID Act stars, contact information for every state ABC, links to DMV pages with details about COVID-related ID extensions, contactless ID checking during the COVID pandemic, and more. 

Here’s a sampling of the kinds of images you’ll see for every state.

    Home page - The app is fast and easy to use. Tap state. Tap version. Tap feature. Within seconds you can spot a fake ID. Within seconds you can protect yourself, prevent consequences, and get back to your other job duties. 

Here’s where you start. Tap the state:

Tap the version that matches the ID in your hand:

You get clear, current, and correct images that instantly show what’s real and what’s fake, like these:

Illustration - Illustrations offer detailed graphics of the ID, including patterns, artwork, microprint, and dates. Use our at-a-glance arrows so you can instantly see where issue, expiration, and birth dates appear. No more awkward searching for key dates! 

Photograph - Photographs give a different perspective than illustrations because they show you exactly how an ID will appear when you’re holding it in your hand. You get visuals of overt security features, such as laminates, holograms, tactile dates and signatures, and covert features such as perforations, UV features, and more:

Security Features - Every ID contains different security features. The app offers some close-ups of real features. Any deviation or variation from the ID in your hand means it’s a fake ID. Here’s an example. If the ID in your hand does not have this 3-dimensional, reflective, fine, detailed, color, it’s fake. 

Here’s another example. The app images show you tactile (meaning tangible or touchable) features, such as this laser-engraved signature. The app teaches you about signatures on fake IDs, including computer-generated signatures like the one outlined in red. Most ID scanners and scanning apps will not catch such mistakes, but you will.

Here are a few more examples. The app points out exactly where to look on an ID to instantly spot a fake. Again, most ID scanners and scanning apps will not catch such mistakes, but you will.



When features on real and fake IDs are too close to be distinguished, meaning forgers have mastered it, the app provides a “DO NOT RELY” image, like this one. The app explains that you should not rely on this feature but move on to other features:

No, no, no, and more no. The app is a web app, which means it’s a website that looks and reacts like an app. Best of both worlds. You can use the app from any device with a web browser - smartphone, tablet, laptop, or point of sale system. There is no equipment to buy, nothing to download, nothing to update. GET THE APP to immediately start checking IDs. It’s that easy.
Easy fix. CONTACT US and we’ll give you lots of options!
No way! Scanning IDs can lead to serious violations of privacy laws. Besides, people don’t want photos of their IDs read by or stored in a personal cell phone (scanning app) or device (ID scanner). Identity theft is America’s #1 growing crime for a reason: Data is valuable. Even the largest of companies with robust security have been hacked and subsequently fined. The app does not scan or photograph IDs because doing so puts many at risk for violating serious privacy and security laws. It is very risky to allow someone to scan or photograph an ID because you never know who has access to the data. Do you really want workers keeping IDs or personally identifiable data in a company device? Would you want your ID to be kept in a personal cell phone or company device that may or may not be secure or may or may not be backed up to a random laptop or system ultimately accessible by countless unknown people? No.
We track the real ID and fake ID markets on a daily basis and update the app regularly so you have current, clear, and correct images and information. The app is updated regularly. As soon as new real IDs are released, we include them in the app. Whenever you access the ID.TRAINING app, you are accessing current information. Unlike books that must be printed and other apps and software that must be updated, the ID.TRAINING web app shows you the latest resources. There’s nothing you need to do. No need to check for updates. No need to wait for a long download.
The app provides 24/7 access to clear, current, and correct images and information from all 50 states, Washington, DC, the US territories - American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and the US freely associated states - Micronesia, Marshall Islands, and Palau.
Yes! Mobile Driver Licenses (MDLs) are state-issued IDs available on cell phones. Only a handful of states are testing them, and even fewer are using them. As states issue MDLs, we add them to the app and tell you whether the MDL is available only for government use or commercial use. Just like we do for our other IDs, we also provide tips to help you tell the difference between a real MDL and a fake MDL, including explanations on how these IDs are being forged.
No. Most of the US population uses a driver license or ID card for identification, so the app shows you government-issued driver licenses and ID cards from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., five U.S. territories, and three freely associated states. Military IDs and passports are acceptable forms of ID in some situations, but they don’t contain physical descriptions, which means you have to rely on only a photograph to confirm identity.
Yes, so long as it’s really you. Purchases are specific to each user, but we do offer promotions and team discounts. CONTACT US and we’ll work out the deal of a lifetime to help protect your business.
There are three kinds of security features on licenses and IDs: overt; covert; and forensic. The app covers the first two, overt and covert, but not forensic, because forensic features require expensive special high tech equipment that may only be available to law enforcement or government. Overt features can be seen with your eyes and felt with your hands. Covert features usually require a flashlight, UV light, or magnifier. Security features are printed or embedded in an ID that make it difficult to forge or make copies of an ID. They are used to authenticate the ID as you confirm that the person presenting that ID is indeed the person on the ID. You can't simply look at the picture and the date when you check an ID. You have to make sure it's authentic. The app tells you what security features you should see and feel on every valid version of ID card to determine if it’s real or fake. Once you know what’s real, everything else is fake™.


We just released Version 2, so for a limited time we are offering the app at an Early Adopter price of $5-25 per user for unlimited use of the app for one year. Individual users can buy the app immediately for $25 by clicking here: GET THE APP. Large teams can CONTACT US for extraordinarily special limited time pricing as low as $5 per user. The app typically sells for $100 per person per year. During the COVID pandemic, we’re offering special pricing to introduce Version 2 and help prevent risks associated with fake IDs related to delivery, curbside pickup, and other challenges. GET THE APP.
Absolutely and sure! CONTACT US and we’ll work out the deal of a lifetime to help you protect your team. We currently accept only credit card payments through PayPal for individual purchases, but we can take a check or online transfers for large purchases.
No, sorry. The app was built by legal and tech professionals in collaboration with law enforcement, so we know what is needed to help spot fake IDs and what is required for training. We also know that it’s effective. The average cost to defend an ID violation is currently $10,000, so buying the app at the current price is a great value. If you’re not satisfied with the app in any way, please let us know by hitting the FEEDBACK icon in the app and we’ll do everything possible within tech and legal protocol to address your concerns.
No, sorry. We do not offer refunds. After reading these FAQs and contacting us with any questions, please make an informed decision about your purchase. If you have questions, please CONTACT US.


The app is the new industry standard - and therefore a new legal standard - for checking ID because people who check ID now have 24/7 access to clear, current, and correct information and images to help them spot fake IDs. The app is effective, affordable, and available, which means there are no more “I didn’t know” and “I couldn’t tell” excuses. Relying on outdated and ineffective technology or using vague and incomplete resources to check ID is not a proper defense from legal action. The app helps you protect yourself, your business, and your community from consequences caused by fake IDs, so GET THE APP.
No, sorry. Our tech team and attorneys would hate that. The purchase price provides unlimited access to the app for one full calendar year for only one person.
Nope. Our images are specially created and watermarked to prevent sharing and distribution.
Technology is convenient, but most scanners don’t work for catching today’s sophisticated fake IDs. Why? Visit any fake ID website and you’ll see the word “SCANNABLE.” Today’s fake IDs are built to fool scanners. Today’s fake IDs are sophisticated and they easily fool ID scanners - both scanning devices and scanning apps. Here’s the thing: Scanners simply read barcodes and magnetic stripes - both technologies over half a century old and both easily forged in minutes. Sliding an ID through a scanner is not properly or thoroughly checking IDs -- and the judge will ask if you properly and thoroughly checked the ID and what kind of training you have that prepared you to do so. With the app you can say that you’ve had training -- videos, images, information, tips. Our analytics back you up to show that you logged in and used the app to properly educate yourself -- and that’s a strong statement that you may need to make. The app has a helpful and eye-opening video “How Fake IDs Fool Scanners” that demonstrates how and why scanners alone are ultimately ineffective in properly checking IDs.
Ultimately, no scanner can authenticate an ID unless it has direct access to a government database, like a DMV or law enforcement database. Without direct access to a government database, there is no way to confirm that the data is real to authenticate the ID. A scanner is simply reading stripes or squares (barcodes) or magnetic bits (magnetic stripes), both of which can be forged in seconds with little effort. But there's still a problem -- even if a scanner checks the data against a database, it’s simply telling you that a certain name and number appear in the database; it’s not validating or authenticating the ID, it’s not proving that the ID is real. It doesn't tell you if the person in front of you is the person on that ID. One of the most common IDs is a borrowed or stolen real ID, which means it will easily pass a scanner. As the person checking ID, you need to confirm that the person presenting the ID is the person on the ID.
Yes. Happens all the time. You really have to read the fine print for scanners. You might be shocked to read about the hardware and software risks and vulnerabilities. Sure, some companies produce scanners for law enforcement -- but is that the model you get to use and does it access law enforcement databases? Read the fine print. The scanner models police use may have great statistics, but just how many fake IDs are presented to armed, highly trained, uniformed law enforcement personnel in an authority position? Some, but not nearly as many as other settings.
Some federal and state laws limit the scanning of IDs. Some jurisdictions limit the scanning, swiping, viewing, capturing, collecting, storing, distributing, securing (rather, failing to secure) and controlling of ID data, and doing so can invoke legal and financial liability. Scanners and scanning apps can be legal if they are used within specific federal and state regulatory frameworks, but regardless, they can create risk and liability, especially in light of strict new privacy laws. Scanners and apps can capture personally identifiable information (PII), which is the primary information used in hacking, identity theft, and other crimes. When an ID is scanned, that person and the device (such as the worker’s personal cell phone) may capture data (and the data of all of your customers) and the data may not be secure. The fines for violating privacy laws are described by the legal community as “crushing.”
Yes, you need the app. No machine can replace a human being when it comes to checking ID. Swiping or scanning an ID is not considered properly or thoroughly checking an ID -- and you know the judge will ask. Scanners do not have visual perception (sight) or manual dexterity (touch). Scanners simply read barcodes and magnetic stripes (which are easily forged and altered with real data) and relay what is on the ID, meaning the data may or may not be real. You don’t need a scanner to read text because it’s right there in front of you on the ID. You already have in your hands everything you need to determine if the ID is real or fake. DMVs put tactile and visual security features on IDs for a reason, and it’s up to you to check the physical properties of and security features on an ID. The app shows you exactly what to look for and how to check it. The app also contains a video that demonstrates how fake IDs fool scanners.